As far as releasing new material it's another year off for Queen.
In February the four men achieve the award for their extraordinary contribution to the British music industry. One month later The Cross releases their second album, 'Mad: Bad: And Dangerous To Know'. It doesn't reach the charts. Their single 'Power To Love' / 'Passion For Trash' reaches the 83th place and the first album, 'Shove It' is re-released on mid-price CD.
A collection of non-official interview 7" picture discs are released. 'The Sun' writes in November: 'It's official: Freddie is seriously ill'. Freddie is outraged.

Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury and Rod Stewart The 25th of this month sees the release of Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby', which contains segments of Queen and Bowie's 'Under Pressure'. In December the video 'Live At Wembley '86' is brought out with a registration of the concert from July 1986 and The Cross plays at the Queen Fan Club Convention in the Astoria Theatre.